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Here's How Her Role In Nickelodeon's 'Sam & Cat' Hurt Ariana Grande's Appearance

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Fans want to know about every aspect of Ariana Grande’s life.

From her high-profile relationships with rapper Mac Miller and Pete Davidson to her blossoming romance with Dalton Gomez, a real estate broker, Ariana’s followers clamor for details on everything she does.

Her high-powered collabs with other superstars are also a point of interest. Take her single “Rain on Me” with Lady Gaga, for example. Fans are obsessed!

Ariana’s origins are always an interesting topic, too. The star grew out of a Nickelodeon sitcom alongside other up-and-comers like Elizabeth Gillies, Victoria Justice, Daniella Monet, and Avan Jogia.

But not every part of Ariana’s past was healthy for her.

In fact, one part of her appearance on Nick’s ‘Sam & Cat’ did a number on her appearance. Fans will recall that before ‘Sam & Cat,’ Ariana played Cat Valentine on another Nickelodeon show, ‘Victorious.’

As part of the cast of ‘Victorious,’ Ariana got to show off her singing, dancing, and acting chops. No doubt, this was Ari’s big break (even if Broadway actually came first).

The price she paid was that of her natural hair, however. Throughout her time on Nick, Ariana had to dye her hair an intense red to portray Cat Valentine. ‘Victorious’ ended in 2013 after three years, while ‘Sam & Cat’ ended in 2014.  But it was too late; the damage was done.

These days, Ariana wears extensions, and it’s not her real hair that makes up that iconic pony she’s perfected.

As fans on Quora discussed, multiple dye jobs practically ruined Ariana’s naturally brown, curly hair. They also note that the singer went vegan in 2013, which also could have affected her appearance and her health.

By all appearances, Ariana’s still vegan today, and she’s doing great with her plant-based lifestyle. She’s also a total activist for animals, notes One Green Planet. Still, her hair hasn’t completely recovered from the dye damage, even if her diet is full of all the right stuff.

But fans have glimpsed Ariana’s natural hair in recent years. Among the popstar’s super-cute Instagram selfies was one that showcased her natural, undyed, and un-ponied mane.

But the epic ponytail that is Ariana Grande, the popstar’s calling card has also gone through an evaluation. As Allure highlighted, Ariana’s pony has gone bleached, curled, high, and low (though the high pony is her trademark) over the years.

Though Ariana’s not happy about the damage that ‘Sam & Cat’ did to her hair, she does seem to have embraced the extensions that followed while she was rehabbing her mane. Even though she has natural curls back these days, you will rarely catch the superstar rocking them.

Maybe one day. Until then, of her pony, Ariana says, “But new pony? I like her. I mean, it’s like a Victoria’s Secret angel without angel wings. It’s still her without them, but when she’s with them it’s like, ‘Ohh, I get it, she’s an angel.'”

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