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The beloved sitcom Friends is one of the greatest television shows of all time. The show became a cultural phenomenon, and all six actors became household names. In the early 90s, six best friends from New York exploded on to television and changed it forever. Fans felt like best friends with Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Chandler. Well, it turns out that most fans don’t know everything about their best ‘friends’.

NBC’s Friends aired from 1994 to 2004, for ten seasons. The show received rave reviews from critics and fans. It quickly became one of the highest-rated shows on TV. Of course, fans have watched the show for years and believe they haven’t missed a single detail. They think they know every single fact about the show and the cast. However, friends always keep secrets from each other.

There are always new details and behind-the-scenes secrets coming out about the show. Despite the show being off the air for more than a decade, fans still can’t get enough. It’s time to take a closer look at the six best friends. Here are Lesser-Known Facts Behind The Making Of NBC’s Friends.

14 Courteney Cox Almost Played Rachel

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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox became household names after portraying Rachel Green and Monica Geller, respectively. Jennifer was the last one to join the cast. Initially, the producers asked Courteney to portray Rachel. After reading the script, Courteney asked for the role of Monica. She connected to the character…and really related to Monica’s obsession with cleaning.

13 Joey And Monica Were Supposed To Get Together

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Ross and Rachel always got the most attention, but Chandler and Monica’s relationship was the heart of the show. However, they were never supposed to stay together. Initially, Monica and Joey were going to become a couple. Monica and Chandler’s relationship was going to be very brief. Of course, the writers changed their minds after seeing the chemistry between Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry.

12 Jennifer Aniston Almost Went To SNL Instead

via The Hollywood Reporter

As noted, Jennifer Aniston was the last to join the cast. Indeed, she almost took on a different gig. Aniston received an offer to join Saturday Night Live. This happened after she agreed to play Rachel Green in Friends. However, Aniston felt that SNL was a male-dominated show at the time, so she chose Friends instead.

11 Lisa Kudrow Wanted Phoebe To Play The Bongos

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Phoebe Buffay’s greatest passion in life was playing her guitar at Central Perk. Indeed, Phoebe plays her guitar in every episode. However, actress Lisa Kudrow struggled to learn the guitar. She became so frustrated she pushed for the writers to change the instrument to bongos. Eventually, Kudrow took lessons and learned a few chords.

10 Matt LeBlanc And Jennifer Aniston Fought The Writers And Didn’t Want Joey And Rachel Getting Together

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At one point, Joey and Rachel started having feelings for each other. It was one of the few times that fans rejected a romance so strongly. Of course, they weren’t the only ones. Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston were against the romance and pushed for the characters to remain friends. Rachel and Joey date for a few episodes before realizing they are better as friends.

9 Matt LeBlanc Dislocated His Shoulder For Real In “The One Where No One’s Ready”

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During season 3, Joey famously dislocated his shoulder after jumping on the bed. However, Joey’s injury was genuine. Indeed, Matt LeBlanc injured his shoulder in the episode, “The One Where No One’s Ready.” The injury occurred when LeBlanc and Matthew Perry both ran to the couch. LeBlanc fell awkwardly and dislocated his shoulder. The writers then added Joey’s injury into the following episode.

8 Jennifer Aniston Hated Rachel’s Iconic Haircut

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Rachel Green was more than just a character on a TV show. She was a fashion icon and trendsetter. Indeed, Jennifer Aniston’s famous hairstyle, “The Rachel”, was particularly popular with fans of the show. However, Aniston admits that she wasn’t a fan of the “The Rachel” hairstyle. Aniston’s trying to forget she ever had it in the first place.

7 Ross Is 29 For Three Years

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Ross Geller is a father, brother, and best friend. Well, it turns out that he also doesn’t age. From season three to six, Ross is 29 years old. Indeed, he even references being 29 in each of the seasons. The writer’s likely made a mistake about Ross’s age. On the other hand, Ross might be immortal.

6 Matt LeBlanc And Lisa Kudrow Pushed For A Secret Romance Between Joey And Phoebe

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Joey and Phoebe had a very special friendship. Of course, they were never romantic, but they were attracted to each other. Towards the end of the series, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow pushed for Phoebe and Joey to have a secret but casual relationship. A flashback would reveal that they were getting together the entire series, but the writers turned the idea down.

5 The Cast Took A Trip To Las Vegas Before The Series Started

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In 1994, the cast members’ lives were all about to change. Iconic television director, James Burrows, had a feeling the show was going to be a significant success. He decided to take the cast on a trip to Las Vegas before it premiered. It was the last time the cast members went to Vegas as unknowns.

4 Ellen DeGeneres Turned Down The Role Of Phoebe

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There isn’t a person that doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres is best known as the host of the talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, DeGeneres’ life almost went in a different direction. The Friends producers offered the role of Phoebe to DeGeneres, but she turned it down. The part eventually went to Lisa Kudrow.

3 Matthew Perry Doesn’t Remember Much Of Seasons 3 to 6

via Hollywood

Matthew Perry struggled with substance abuse during his time on Friends. Perry even had a stint in rehab in-between seasons. The peak of the show’s success was also the peak of his issues at the time. Perry admits that he doesn’t remember anything from season three to season six. It’s all just a blur to him.

2 Jennifer Aniston Almost Didn’t Return For The Final Season

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The cast members all became massive stars because of the show. However, Jennifer Aniston became the breakout star towards the end of the series. Indeed, Aniston’s movie career was taking off. Aniston was so busy she almost chose not to return for the final season. However, the producers lowered the episode count from 24 to 18 so Aniston could participate.

1 The Creators Promise There Will Be No Reboot Or Revival Of The Series

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For years, there have been rumors of a Friends reunion episode. However, co-creator, Marta Kauffman, promised there would be no reunion, reboot, or revival of the series. She feels the show is about the time in your life when friends are family. However, the story changed when Chandler and Monica started their family and moved.

Of course, the cast and creators will return for a special unscripted reunion to reminisce about the show but it won’t be a reunion episode.

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