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Fans Get Excited As Alec Baldwin Teases His New Movie 'Pixie'

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Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have just had a beautiful baby, and he is now teasing the release of his new movie Pixie which has fans ready to pounce at the first opportunity to watch it. Baldwin is  amazing in every role he takes on, but this flick looks fascinating.

This British Comedy Thriller is set to break box office records and is precisely the distraction that everyone needs right now. Set in the Irish countryside, this movie follows two men and a woman as they embark on a dangerous adventure after a heist goes terribly wrong.

Fans have greatly enjoyed watching Alec Baldwin impersonate Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, but this time he takes on a very different type of role. In a true demonstration of blasphemy, Baldwin assumes the role of a priest that also happens to be an Irish thug. There are various scenes of shootings and rivalry that take place within the church, with Baldwin still dressed in his priest collar.

The role of Pixie is played by Olivia Cooke, as she embarks on this adventure to avenge her mother’s death and ends up getting into situations that she never imagined she’d ever be able to handle.

This movie contains the perfect blend of suspense, action, and comedy and is told through a fabulously woven storyline. Baldwin’s teaser gives a sense of the movie’s tone and fans are going nuts with anticipation. “I’m a bad priest. Bad as in criminal,” writes Baldwin, and fans are already hooked.

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Fans are very, very ready for this movie to be released and are already flooding Baldwin’s Instagram page with excitement. One fan wrote; “Oh My God! I can’t wait. Love the look of this. When the hell will I get to see it if I can’t get into the theatre ☹️” while another followed the thematic approach of the movie and carried it through her comments when she wrote: “Jesus !Joseph ! and Mary❣ CAN’T WAIT🍾🍾🍾 You’re the BEST❣”

There’s no doubt about it. This plot line has people hooked and the cast is drawing a lot of positive attention. Dylan Moran also stars in this movie, with many fans commenting about their excitement to see him in action as well. Pixie is set to release at the end of October.

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