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Britney Spears Has Officially Lost It… What Is This Random Post About?

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Britney Spears has officially lost it. All signs were leading to things being unsettled  but this last post of hers solidifies the insanity that has become her life.

After endless months worth of stalking her Instagram page to find bizarre dance videos, strangely repetitive outfits, and her complete inability to stand still while shooting a video, fans thought they had seen it all.  It appears that was not the case. Britney Spears surpassed the mystery behind rose imagery and the eye imagery with this most recent and completely inappropriate post.

It’s one post.

Just one simple sentence.

Yet there’s so much wrong with it that we don’t know where to begin.

Ladies and gentlemen, Britney Spears wants to know if you’d like to make out.

It’s tough to figure out where to start with this post. It’s all wrong.

Of course, this doesn’t sound like Britney Spears at all. “Let’s Make Out” isn’t a phrase she would normally utter nor does this sort of behavior strike us as something she’d promote or engage in. Everything about her demeanor up until this points suggests she’s not really a fan of too much PDA. Besides, if she wanted to “make out” she is presumably dating Sam Asghari. She could simply just make out and not write about it.

If you think this post has nothing to do with making out at all, you’re aligned with other fans as well.

Fans are being very vocal in the comments section of Britney’s Instagram page, and they are definitely reading behind the lines on this one. LMO = Let Me Out. Could that be what she is really intending to send across as a message to worried fans?

The mere fact that this is a very boldly red background has suggested to fans that this is a red alert/ alarm message, and she is blatantly expressing that she requires third party assistance.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that red seems to keep popping up on Britney’s Instagram page in different forms. Red has always been considered as the color that indicates an emergency, and if there ever was reason to worry about the pop star, it seems this is the time.

There are some fans that were quick to point out that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Making out seems like the most unlikely thing for anyone to post about when we are in the midst of social distancing and most parts of the world are seeing the second wave and further lockdowns begin to creep up.

There’s nothing to suggest that Britney Spears is ok. Her posts are becoming more and more alarming with the passing of each day.

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