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Here's What Baby 'Carlos' From 'The Hangover' Looks Like Now

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Fans of ‘The Hangover’ (and its sequels) will vividly remember Baby Carlos. Zach Galifianakis wore the tot in a baby carrier for many scenes in the film.

Alan-and-Carlos costumes even became a trend for every Halloween of the next ten years, even though the film franchise wasn’t one of the biggest of its era.

Yep, the first iteration of ‘The Hangover’ came out in 2009, which means it’s been 11 years since baby Carlos was ‘born.’ It’s also been seven years since ‘The Hangover Part II,’ when we last saw Carlos. Which has fans wondering, what the heck happened to the poor kid?

Of course, fans know that babies aren’t very good actors. That means there are often multiple infants playing a single part. Just like the classic ‘Full House’, which featured Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner in varying intervals, ‘The Hangover’ hired multiple babies for the role of Carlos.

As TooFab confirmed, eight different tots played baby Carlos (whose real on-screen name was Tyler) throughout the first movie. But the one that got the most screen time, and the one who was carried around by Zach Galifianakis the most, was a baby named Grant Holmquist.

But just like the Olsen twins, Grant and his twin shared the bulk of the scenes featuring little Carlos. Grant’s sister Avery was also part of filming. IMDb confirmed that Grant played about 58 percent of the role of Carlos (Avery had 40 percent).

The kids’ first scene, their mom Carried explained, was the pool scene at Caesar’s Palace. Don’t worry, though: the physical scenes (like Carlos smacking his head on the door of a car) used a fake baby.

Avery Holmquist wasn’t in as many scenes as her brother, and she wasn’t asked back for the sequels, either. After all, by ‘The Hangover: Part III,’ baby Carlos had grown up. Today, the twins are 12!

In the third iteration of the film, little Carlos-Tyler was four. As Grant’s mom confirmed, the now-12-year-old has fond memories of hanging out on set. He even got to take home toys for both him and his sister.

Get this, though: the babies each worked about 15 days on the first movie. Grant worked two days on the third film, and yet his mom revealed to TooFab that her son was still getting residuals. The cash is going to Grant’s college fund, says Carrie.

That’s great news for her Grant, since the child star hasn’t had any other roles, according to his IMDb credits. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing that these child stars got out of the industry early.

After all, it might be tough to explain why the twins’ parents let them be in such a raunchy film as infants. Of course, Grant, in particular, has good memories of the experience, so perhaps he’ll reprise his role as Tyler in the future.

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