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What We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger's Younger Girlfriend, Heather Milligan

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If we can say anything about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love life, it is that the seventy-three year-old actor and politician is not afraid of what other people will think. After a scandalous divorce from journalist Maria Shriver in 2011–during which it became apparent that Schwarzenegger had a love child with another woman—the actor’s romantic future seemed unclear.

Now, however, the “Terminator” star has clearly moved on, and once again, it is clear that Schwarzenegger is not too concerned about what others may say about his relationship.

The former governor’s current flame for physical therapist Heather Milligan was outed in 2013, when the two were spotted kissing in Santa Monica, The Daily Mail reports. Milligan was thirty-eight years-old when the couple first became public; Schwarzenegger, in contrast, was sixty-six.

While some folks would potentially let a twenty-eight year age gap get in the way of love, Schwarzenegger and Milligan have not let the decades get between them. Seven years after they were spotted stealing that first kiss, the pair continues to seem happy and in high spirits.

During their time together, the two have traveled to exotic destinations, including Austria and Barcelona. They also continue to enjoy the simper things in life—paparazzi have even noticed the couple biking around their neighborhood to get some fresh air during quarantine.

The couple’s romantic relationship has left some fans wondering, who exactly is Heather Milligan? And what is it about her that is so attractive to the former governor? We have done some digging to clue readers into what’s really going on between the actor and the physical therapist.

One of the major points of connection between Schwarzenegger and Milligan is their shared interest in the world of sports.

According to Milligan’s Twitter account, the physical therapist has her own practice called Elite Ortho Sport, where she treats professional athletes for their sports injuries. If the practice’s Instagram account is anything to go by, some of the athletes who pass on through are a really big deal.

On March 6, 2020, Elite Ortho Sport posted a photo of professional baseball player Rigo Fernandez coming out of treatment. “Good luck…as you continue rehab with the @whitesox,” reads the caption.

Although Milligan clearly has her own thing going on at her work, she is not afraid to use her expertise to combine forces with her boyfriend. She has even participated in Schwarzenegger’s famous strength competition, the Arnold Strongman Classic, by treating some of the participants.

In January of 2019, the physical therapist was tagged in a photo in which she is featured putting her skills to work on an athlete who was injured at her boo’s event.

If that doesn’t show a strong point of connection, we don’t know what does!

Neither Schwarzenegger nor Milligan has recently made any kind of public statement concerning the future of their relationship. However, a quick glance at their Instagram accounts shows that the two just seem to be enjoying their love.

At the beginning of August both partners posted the same video of their dog and pet donkey snuggling on the couch. The clip shows a very specific kind of domestic bliss, featuring both a “Schwarzenegger” inscribed throw and a pillow with the California state flag sewn onto it.

In the background, fans can see an extraordinary view of rolling green hills. Perhaps the “Terminator” and his partner have finally found a sort of romantic peace.

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